Solar-stellar dynamos as revealed by helio- and asteroseismology

August 11-15, 2008 - Boulder, Colorado


The discovery of new pulsators from the CoRoT exoplanet database and their potential for massive star asteroseismology

Conny Aerts, Jonas Debosscher and Pieter Degroote

The quest for solar g modes

Thierry Appourchaux

Solar like oscillations after 1 year 1/2 observations with CoRoT

Mariejo GOUPIL, Thierry Appourchaux, Annie Baglin, Eric Michel, Reza Samadi, and the Corot team

PLATO: PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars

Torben Arentoft

Solar-like oscillations in Procyon A

Torben Arentoft On behalf of the team

Instabilities in the magnetic tachocline

Rainer Arlt

The solar butterfly diagram in the 18th century

Rainer Arlt

Time-Distance envelope widths - what can they tell us?

J. D. Armstrong

Solar cycle related changes at the base of the convection zone

Charles Baldner and Sarbani Basu

The evolution of the sub-surface structure of long-lived active regions

Charles Baldner, Rick Bogart, Sarbani Basu and H. M. Antia

Changing magnetic fields in the solar convection zone

Charles Baldner, H.M. Antia, Sarbani Basu and T.P. Larson

SIAMOIS: an asteroseismic network with 1 single site in Antactica

Benoit Mosser and Caroline Barban

The solar metallicity problem: Do we have the solution?

Sarbani Basu

What is new with zonal flows?

H. M. Antia, Sarbani Basu and S. M. Chitre

Travel Time Errors Due to Data Gaps

John Beck, Tom Duvall and Junwei Zhao

Simulations of Wave Propagation: Simple Models for the Frequency Dependence of Helioseismic Travel-Time Shifts

Aaron Birch, Doug Braun, Shravan Hanasoge and Robert Cameron

Local Helioseismology Data Products From the HMI Analysis Pipeline

Richard Bogart, Arthur Amezcua, Philip Scherrer, Karen Tian and Junwei Zhao

Turbulence simulations showing mean-field dynamos

Axel Brandenburg

Prospects for the Detection of the Deep Solar Meridional Circulation

Doug Braun and Aaron Birch


Alan Brockman

The inhomogeneous response across the solar disc of unresolved Doppler velocity observations

Anne-Marie Broomhall, William J. Chaplin, Yvonne Elsworth and Roger New

Are p-mode frequencies predictable from one solar cycle to the next?

Anne-Marie Broomhall, William J Chaplin, Yvonne Elsworth, Brek A. Miller, Roger New and Graham Verner

Dynamo Action and Wreathes of Magnetism in a Younger Sun

Benjamin Brown

German Data Center for the Solar Dynamics Observatory

Raymond Burston, Laurent Gizon, Yacine Saidi and Sami Solanki

Effect of surface activity on amplitudes of high-degree solar p-modes

Olga Burtseva, Sushant Tripathy, Frank Hill and Shukur Kholikov

Influence of magnetic activity on lifetime of high-l solar p-modes

Olga Burtseva, Frank Hill and Shukur Kholikov

Seismology and the Dynamo: History and Prospects

Paul Cally

Time-Distance Modeling In A Simulated Sunspot Atmosphere

Hamed Moradi and Paul Cally

Modeling the seismic signature of sunspots

Robert Cameron and Hannah Schunker

A new method to probe the interaction between solar acoustic waves and magnetic regions

Dean-Yi Chou


Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard

Asteroseismic mass and radius of Kepler stars

Orlagh L. Creevey

Testing the potential and limitations of seismic stellar systems

Orlagh L. Creevey

Sensitivity of p-modes for determining the microscopic diffusion coefficient at the base of the convection zone

Orlagh L. Creevey, Savita Mathur and Rafael A. Garcia

The interaction of solar oscillations with magnetic fields

Ashley Crouch

Axisymmetric instabilities in solar/stellar tachocline

Mausumi Dikpati, Paul Cally, Peter Gilman and Mark Miesch

Measuring merdional circulation in the Sun

Thomas Duvall and Shravan Hanasoge

BiSON update

John Allison, Ian Barnes, Anne-Marie Broomhall, William J. Chaplin, Guy Davies, Yvonne Elsworth, Stephen T. Fletcher, Steven Hale, Barry Jackson, Brek A. Miller and Roger New

Modeling the subsurface evolution of emerging active region flux tubes

Yuhong Fan

The generation of more realistic BiSON-like artificial helioseismic data

Stephen Fletcher, Anne-Marie Broomhall, William Chaplin, Yvonne Elsworth and Roger New

Efficient pseudo-global peak-bagging for helioseismic data

Stephen Fletcher, William Chaplin, Yvonne Elsworth and Roger New

Spatial Cross Spectrum: reducing the incoherent convective background of resolved helioseismic instruments

Rafael A. Garcia, Savita Mathur, Irene Gonzalez Hernandez, Antonio Jimenez

On the solar origin of the 220.7 signal

Antonio Jimenez and Rafael Garcia

GOLF: Analysis of the low frequency spectrum and comparison with a calculated solar g-mode spectrum

Gerard Grec, Janine Provost and Catherine Renaud

Turbulent magnetic pumping in Babcock-Leighton dynamos

Gustavo Guerrero and Elisabete de Gouveia Dal Pino

Exploring uncertainties in solar model physics and predictions arising from the new abundances

Joyce Guzik, Alexander Friedland, L.S. Watson, Andrew Reindel and David Kilcrease

Flows Derived from New Multi-Ridge Ring Analyses

Deborah Haber and Bradley Hindman

A new tool for forecasting the solar UV/EUV irradiance

Margit Haberreiter, Juan Fontenla, Irene Gonzalez-Hernandez, Charles Lindsey and Eric Quemérais

Signatures of emerging subsurface structures in acoustic power maps

Thomas Hartlep and Alexander Kosovichev

The advection of supergranules by large-scale flows

David Hathaway, Peter Williams and Manfred Cuntz

Improving the prediction capability of the helioseismic far-side maps

Irene Gonzalez Hernandez, Philip Scherrer, Charles Lindsey, Doug Braun, Frank Hill

Meridional circulation in the declining phase of solar cycle 23

Irene Gonzalez Hernandez, Shukur Kholikov, Frank Hill, Rachel Howe, Rudolph Komm

A different approach to calculate the far-side seismic migration Green's functions

Fernando Perez Hernandez and Irene Gonzalez Hernandez

Connection among data from GONG, SOHO/MDI and HMI

Frank Hill

Solar Subsurface Flows

Bradley Hindman

Ring diagram analysis of 96x96x20 Mm artificial data set

Rachel Howe, Irene Gonzalez Hernandez, Rudi Komm and Frank Hill

The torsional oscillation and the solar cycle: is it minimum yet?

Rachel Howe, Frank Hill, Rudi Komm, Timothy P. Larson, Jesper Schou, Michael J. Thompson and Roger Ulrich

Magnetic Fields and Temporal Variability

Rachel Howe

Time-Distance Solar Far-Side Imaging Using Three-Skip Acoustic Signals

Stathis Ilonidis and Junwei Zhao

Mass flows around sunspots

Jason Jackiewicz, Laurent Gizon and Aaron Birch

Realistic MHD Simulations of Solar Convection and Oscillations in Magnetic Regions: Mode Excitation and Effect of Acoustic Halo

Laetitia Jacoutot, Alexander Kosovichev, Alan Wray and Nagi Mansour

Interaction of p-modes with a Thin Magnetic Flux Tube

Rekha Jain and Bradley Hindman

On flare driven global waves

Christoffer Karoff

Stellar Differential Rotation

Steven Kawaler

Modelling of waves in sunspots

Elena Khomenko

Implementation of Data Assimilation Methods for Dynamo Models to Predict Solar Activity

Irina Kitiashvili,  CTR, Stanford University

Alexander Kosovichev,  HEPL, Stanford University

Cyclic variations of solar activity are a result of a complicate dynamo process in the convection zone. Despite the regular cyclic variations of solar activity, the chaotic variations of sunspot number from cycle to cycle are difficult to predict. The main reasons are the imperfect dynamo models and deficiency of the necessary observational data. Data assimilation methods accumulate observational data and models for possible efficient and accurate estimations of physical properties, which cannot be observed directly. We apply the Ensemble Kalman Filter method for assimilation of the sunspot data into a non-linear mean-field dynamo model, which takes into variations of magnetic helicity and parameters of the solar convection zone from helioseismology. We present the results of application of this data assimilation method for representation of the solar cycles and prediction of variations of the sunspot number, and discuss potentials of data assimilation methods for solar dynamo modeling.

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Rotation rate of sunspots and subsurface zonal flows

Rudolf Komm, Frank Hill, Rachel Howe and Irene Gonzalez Hernandez

Flare activity and subsurface flows of Active Regions

Rudolf Komm, Frank Hill and Rachel Howe

Subsurface flow properties of flaring versus flare-quiet active regions

Ryan Ferguson, Rudolf Komm, Frank Hill, Graham Barnes and K.D. Leka

Resolving Sharp Boundaries in Inversion of Helioseismic Parameters

Antonio Eff-Darwich and Sylvain G. Korzennik

On the Dependence of our Inferences about the Solar Internal Rotation on the Frequency Fitting Methodology

Sylvain Korzennik and Antonio Eff-Darwich

Results from fitting long and very-long MDI time series of sphericalharmonics coefficients, at low and intermediate degrees

Sylvain Korzennik

New Results of High-Resolution Helioseismology from Hinode

Alexander Kosovichev, Takashi Sekii, Junwei Zhao, Kaori Nagashima and Urmila Mitra-Kraev

Transport of supergranules and their vertical coherence

Michal Svanda, Alexander Kosovichev, Miroslav Klvana, Michal Sobotka and Duvall Jr. Thomas

Evidence of enhanced high frequency velocity oscillations in the Sun observed during solar flare using disk integrated Doppler signals

Brajesh Kumar and Parmeswaran Venkatakrishnan

BRITE-Constellation: nanosatellites and asteroseismology

Dr. Rainer Kuschnig, Werner Weis and Anthony Moffat

Variations in Global Mode Analysis

Timothy Larson and Jesper Schou

Calculation of solar p-mode oscillation frequency splittings based on a two-dimensional solar model

Linghuai Li, Sarbani Basu, Sabatino Sofia and Pierre Demarque

Simulations of the Near-Surface Interaction Between Waves and Sunspots

Charles Lindsey

Magneto-Seismic Study of the X1.2 15 January 2005 Solar Flare

Juan Carlos Martinez-Oliveros and Alina Donea

GOLF: a new proxy of the solar activity?

Savita Mathur, S. Jimenez-Reyes and R.A Garcia

What can be learnt with g modes on the structure and the dynamics of the solar core?

Savita Mathur, et al.

Asteroseismology with the Kepler Mission

Travis Metcalfe

Global MHD Simulations of Solar and Stellar Dynamos

Mark Miesch, Benjamin Brown, Matthew Browning, Allan Sacha Brun and Juri Toomre

Measuring Solar Abundances with Seismology

Katie Mussack

Analysis of GOLF power spectra weighted to account for noise variations through the data set

Roger New, Stephen Fletcher, William Chaplin, Yvonne Elsworth and Rafael Garcia

Excitation, propagation and conversion of helioseismic MHD waves in strong field regions

Konstantin Parchevsky and Alexander Kosovichev

Post-hoc derivation of MDI flat fields

Hugh E Potts and Declan A Diver

Structural Variations of the Near-Surface Layers of the Sun during the Solar Cycle

M. Cristina Rabello-Soares and S. G. Korzennik

Oscillations of rapidly rotating stars

Daniel Reese, Keith MacGregor, Stephen Jackson, Andrew Skumanich and Travis Metcalfe

Applying Variable Sine Algorithmic Analysis to Solar Cycles

Andrew Reindel, Sotirios Tsantilas, Joyce Ann Guzik and Paul Bradley

Energetics of the large scale solar dynamo

Matthias Rempel

Comparing properties of convection in stars with different masses and evolutionary states

Frank Robinson, Joel Tanner, Sarbani Basu and Pierre Demarque

Data Assimilation and Helioseismology

Markus Roth

Using Solar Regions as Seen by Hinode XRT to Model the Coronae of Inactive Stars and Magnetic Minima

Steven Saar and Paola Testa

The Activity Cycles and Surface Differential Rotation of Single Dwarfs

Steven Saar

From the collapsograms to the overlapograms: low-frequency solar p modes as seen by GOLF instrument

David Salabert and Rafael A. Garcia

First performances of the GOLF-NG instrumental prototype observing the Sun in Tenerife

David Salabert, Sylvaine Turck-Chieze (P.I.), and the GOLF-NG team

The impact of low-frequency p modes on the inversions of the internal rotation of the Sun

David Salabert, Antonio Eff-Darwich, Howe Rachel, Thierry Appourchaux and John Leibacher

P mode power variation as seen over the solar cycle in intensity and velocity helioseismic measurements

Rosaria Simoniello, David Salabert, Carl Henneyand Rafael A. Garcia

Analysis of long solar oscillation time series

Ariane Schad, Markus Roth and Jens Timmer

The Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager - Calibration, Expected Performance and Future Challenges

Jesper Schou

Toward Eliminating Systematic Errors in Intermediate-degree p-mode Measurements

Sergei Vorontsov, Stuart Jefferies, Cindy Giebink and Jesper Schou

Sunspots, random waves, and the SLiM code

Hannah Schunker, Robert Cameron and Laurent Gizon

Numerical simulation of acoustic wave propagation in the solar subphotosphere with localized magnetic field concentration

Serhii Shelyag, S Zharkov, V Fedun, R Erdelyi and Michael Thompson

Supergranule Scale Solar Convection Simulations

Robert Stein, Ake Nordlund, Dali Georgobiani, Benson David and Werner Schaffenberger

Iterative inversion for solar and stellar internal rotation

Michael Sudnik and Michael J. Thompson

Seismology of the Solar Corona

Steven Tomczyk and Scott McIntosh

Correlation analysis of mode frequencies with activity proxies at different phases of the solar cycle

Kiran Jain, Sushant C. Tripathy and Frank Hill

Does the Selection of a Quiet Region Influence the Local Helioseismic Inferences?

Sushanta Tripathy, Kiran Jain and Frank Hill

Variation of oscillation mode parameters over the solar cycle 23: An analysis on different time scales

Sushanta Tripathy, Kiran Jain, John Leibacher and Frank Hill

Realistic Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of Solar Local Supergranulation

Sergey Ustyugov

On the Long-Term Cyclic Period of North-South Asymmetry of Solar Active Region Phenomena

Virendra K. Verma

Helioseismic Measurement of Large-Scale Solar Flows

Martin Woodard

The solar subsurface radial gradient of the horizontal zonal flow as revealed by Ring diagram analysis

Amel Zaatri and Thierry Corbard

Sound-Speed Image of Tachocline and Its Evolution from Time-Distance Helioseismology

Junwei Zhao, Thomas Hartlep, Alexander Kosovichev and Nagi Mansour

Time-distance analisis of numerical simulation of acoustic wave propagation in the solar subphotosphere with localized magnetic field concentration

Sergei Zharkov, S Shelyag and Michael Thompson

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