Solar-stellar dynamos as revealed by helio- and asteroseismology

August 11-15, 2008 - Boulder, Colorado

Proceedings Instructions

Instructions for uploading papers

Please connect to the site using ftp from your command prompt:
ftp gong2.nso.edu
While it will prompt for Username and Password please enter the following:
Username: gong2008
Password: *********
and then enter the following commands into your ftp prompt:
ftp> binary
ftp> mkdir yournamehere
ftp> cd yournamehere
ftp> mput filename(s)
ftp> quit

Information about style and formating is available here. You may download style-file by clicking style-file, template by clicking template, a quick userguide for Graphicx package by clicking Graphicx package. More detailed information about Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series can be found here.

Please complete the copyright form with your signature and FAX it to Frank Hill.

Page limits for the proceeding papers

Keynote talk / closing remarks12 pages
Invited talks10 pages
Contributed talks6 pages
Posters4 pages
Group discussions5 pages

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